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Despite the downturn in the market, One Agency has managed to expand their presence throughout Australia & New Zealand, bringing 41 new Licenses to the group in 2022 with an additional 6 ready to launch in the new year, taking the international brand toward the 200 Licences mark.

“Over the course of such a tumultuous year, I attribute this remarkable feat to three key strategies that have allowed our members, new and existing, to not only stay afloat in a market downturn, but to prosper,” says CEO and Founder Paul Davies.


Minimizing Running Costs in a Downturn Market 

In times of economic hardship, many companies choose to cut back on costs wherever possible. For One Agency head office, this meant working with members to help them identify running costs they could cut back on, and to use appropriate prop-tech solutions for things like marketing, branding & general running of the business.

Agents who invested in such measures weathered the economic storm without impacting their bottom line.


Personalised branding with national backing

We’ve seen an uptake in those switching from the traditional franchise fee model to our low set monthly fee model. With many agents realizing they are the brand yet knowing they can still benefit from the marketing tools and backing of an established and well-regarded international network.

In the market we are currently experiencing, agents need to make future decisions with more accuracy when it comes to PROFIT – especially important during the current economic uncertainty.

It also allowed agents to run leaner operations ensuring they have on-going profit if sales income reduces.


Strategic Alliances with Leading Providers 

Finally, making sure that their members had access to all the latest tools when it comes to marketing, prop – tech, some exclusive to One Agency members.

Mr Davies says “by forming alliances with some of the leading providers in the industry, we have been able to offer our members discounts and exclusive deals on products and services that are essential for any future-proofed real estate business. This ensures that members have access to resources they would otherwise have had to pay more for, allowing them to stay competitive even when times are tough.


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