Ben Cook

PHOTO: Ben Cook and John Legend. SPY- NZHERALD

Renowned real estate investor Ben Cook is preparing to auction eight properties, valued at a staggering $54 million, in what promises to be one of the most significant retail real estate offerings of the year. His extensive portfolio stretches from Auckland to Central Otago and includes some of New Zealand’s most iconic buildings, such as Countdown supermarkets, Bunnings stores, the old Ponsonby Post Office, Farmers on Queen St, and Britomart’s red brick Brew on Quay. However, Mr. Cook has recently made a life-changing decision to move away from New Zealand to Australia, citing a range of reasons, including business, family, and lifestyle.

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A Property Empire Across New Zealand: Ben Cook’s property empire has been the talk of the real estate industry, boasting an impressive range of assets that have captured the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. From bustling commercial sites to historic landmarks, his portfolio spans the diverse landscapes of Auckland to the charming corners of Central Otago.

Countdown Supermarkets and Bunnings Stores: Among his prized investments are several retail properties leased to prominent tenants such as Countdown supermarkets and Bunnings stores. These established and well-known businesses have consistently delivered stable returns, solidifying Cook’s reputation as a savvy and successful investor in the retail sector.

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Iconic Auckland Buildings: In addition to his commercial assets, Cook’s ownership of iconic Auckland buildings has solidified his presence in the city’s real estate landscape. The historic Ponsonby Post Office, a cherished heritage site, stands as a testament to his appreciation for preserving the city’s architectural heritage. Likewise, Farmers on Queen St, with its iconic clock tower, has remained a beloved landmark of Auckland, further enhancing Cook’s esteemed reputation.

Auctioning Properties Worth $54 Million: In what marks a significant moment in New Zealand’s real estate scene, eight properties from Ben Cook’s impressive portfolio will be heading to auction later next month. The combined value of these properties, assessed by councils at $54 million, has garnered immense attention from potential investors, making it one of the largest retail real estate offerings in recent times.

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A New Chapter: Moving Away from New Zealand Despite his remarkable success and strong foothold in New Zealand’s property market, Mr. Cook has decided to embark on a new chapter in his life by relocating to Australia. This momentous decision comes after much contemplation and is attributed to a variety of reasons, including business opportunities, family commitments, and the allure of a different lifestyle.

Conclusion: Ben Cook’s journey in the realm of real estate investment has left an indelible mark on New Zealand’s landscape. From commercial ventures to preserving iconic landmarks, his portfolio has been a testament to his acumen as a shrewd investor. As the upcoming auction of his properties approaches, the industry eagerly awaits to witness the legacy he leaves behind as he ventures into new horizons in Australia.

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