OnlyFans stars

PHOTO: OnlyFans stars Anna Paul, 21, (pictured left) and Mikaela Testa, 20, (pictured right)  moved into a luxurious Gold Coast mansion on Monday alongside their business-savvy boyfriends 

  • OnlyFans stars Mikaela Testa, 20, and Anna Paul, 21, moved into a new mansion
  •  The subscription platform stars each have a massive social media following 
  •  Their business-savvy boyfriends have also moved into the Gold Coast mansion
  •  The luxury home features a waterfront pool, Jacuzzi, ten-car garage and cinema
  •  Three-storey house has an elevator, $100,000 rock wall, in-built coffee machine

Two OnlyFans stars have moved into a luxurious waterfront mansion with their business-savvy boyfriends.

Mikaela Testa, 20, and her boyfriend Atis Paul 19, were accused of flaunting their wealth by some of their young social media fans as they shared gloating house tour videos on Monday.

Mr Paul’s influencer sister Anna Paul, 21, and her boyfriend Glen Thomson also share the Gold Coast mansion, which features a $100,000 rock wall and ten-car garage.

Ms Testa recorded a walk-through of the three-storey ‘dream home’ and bragged the house had ‘massive ceilings, massive hallways, and a massive kitchen’.

Ms Testa’s tour of the luxurious home showed off a private cinema, waterfront pool, and ‘so many spare bedrooms’.

‘It’s always been my dream to have a house like this, it literally has an elevator and three storeys,’ Ms Testa explained.

‘When I was a kid I was so embarrassed of my house because I lived in government housing… I’m so grateful and happy that I am able to achieve something like this.’

Mr Paul also showed off the ten-car garage, with only two luxury cars parked inside, and the gigantic home.