Oriental Bay


PHOTO: Oriental Bay, Wellington NZ

With its wide paved walkways, sunny beachfront and backdrop of rising hills, there’s some justification for Oriental Bay being called the “Riviera of the South.”

The prestigious New Zealand neighborhood, with its pretty beach, historic Victorian homes and well-heeled residents, is the beating blue-chip heart of the sought after city of Wellington, in the south of the country’s north island.

Wellington, after all, is not only New Zealand’s capital city but has been ranked by the likes of Deutsche Bank as one of the world’s best lifestyle cities, lauded for its cuisine, culture and creativity.

As such, Oriental Bay—with a population of a little more than 1,000 permanent residents—is close to the central business district (1.5 kilometers southeast) and is home to a sheltered north-facing beach, the closest to the city, making it popular for residents and visitors alike.