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PHOTO: The list, shared on Reddit, is compiled of 22 “pet hates” of the property owner. Photo credit: Getty Images/Reddit

A landlord’s list of bizarre rules has been mocked on social media after one Otago renter shared the long list of regulations they had to abide by.

The list, shared on Reddit, is compiled of 22 “pet hates” of the property owner – whose name is blurred from the list.

Some of the pet peeves are understandable such as “leaving dirty dishes around” and “not cleaning bathroom toilet areas” – but others are a little odder.

The full list
The full list Photo credit: Reddit

“Not putting plug in sink when washing pots and pans” was one of the more specific rules, and “phone calls in common spaces” was another.

A few of the pet hates were borderline rude – such as “not speaking english” and “more than one shower”.