Missing real estate agent

PHOTO: Yanfei Bao was last seen about 10.30am on Wednesday on Vickerys Rd, Wigram. FILE

MISSING PERSONS: Vehicle of Interest Seized as Police Investigate Disappearance of Christchurch Real Estate Agent Yanfei Bao


Yanfei Bao, a Christchurch real estate agent, has been missing for five days, prompting a thorough investigation by the police to determine her whereabouts. As authorities resume their inquiries, a vehicle of interest has been seized, and search warrants are being executed at two locations in Bryndwr and Wigram. With her disappearance considered out of character and concerning, the police are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to locate her.

The Investigation

Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves, in a statement on Saturday night, announced the seizure of a vehicle of interest and confirmed the ongoing execution of search warrants at the specified addresses. Multiple individuals are currently cooperating with the police in their enquiries, providing valuable information to aid in the investigation.

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A Mysterious Disappearance

Yanfei Bao was last seen on Wednesday morning around 10:30 am on Vickerys Road, a middle-class area in Wigram. Strangely, her car was found parked on Iroquois Place. Both the local authorities and her family express deep concerns about her safety and well-being. As a mother-of-one, Bao’s sudden disappearance is entirely out of character, raising serious alarm bells.

Police Efforts and Public Assistance

To find Yanfei Bao, the police have dedicated a team of forty officers to the case, treating it as a missing persons investigation. One of her cellphones was discovered nearly seven kilometers away from her last known location, along the Southern Motorway, thanks to the help of the public. While the discovery provided some leads, it has not yet led to her location.

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Puzzling Leads

During the course of their investigation, police have been diligently questioning residents on Vickerys Road, where Bao was last seen trying to promote her real estate services. A potential breakthrough emerged when a friend claimed to have had a conversation with Bao on the messaging app WeChat after the sighting. The friend’s Facebook post revealed that Bao mentioned a potential client looking to transfer money to New Zealand and inquired about exchange rates and channels. She mentioned intending to call the person back, but unfortunately, she did not make that call.

Public Cooperation

The police have received over 40 pieces of information from the public, thanks to a plea for assistance. In response, Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves expressed gratitude to those who have come forward and encouraged anyone else with relevant information to step forward.

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Despite the significant efforts and leads in the investigation, Yanfei Bao remains missing, leaving her family and the authorities deeply concerned. The police urge anyone with information about her whereabouts to call 111 and provide file number P055385539. As the search for the missing real estate agent continues, the community remains hopeful for her safe return.