Jessie Qin

PHOTO: Real estate agent Jessie Qin

  • Mr Wang claims Jessie Qin defamed him with a series of public online rants
  • Ms Qin allegedly described Mr Wang as a sexual predator and manipulator 
  • She took to Chinese gossip site after ending a relationship with the married man 
  • The battle will head to the County Court of Victoria in Melbourne next week 

A property developer who was described as ‘scum’ and a ‘sex scammer’ in an online rant is set to have his life dragged through the mud in an effort to sue his illicit lover for defaming him.

Barry Wang claims he was unfairly portrayed on an online public chat app when his jilted lover, Melbourne real estate agent Jessie Qin, let Melbourne’s Chinese business community know what she really thought of him.

Documents lodged with the County Court of Victoria claim Ms Qin logged onto the Australian Village Gossiper – a Chinese-language WeChat group – to vent her spleen.

WeChat brags that it has one billion users across the world, which use it for social media and messaging.

‘Melbourne Old Scum Divorcee, Rampant Sex Scammer in the Name of Dating and Marriage,’ one rant began.

Ms Qin claimed to have met Mr Wang three years earlier before meeting up with him under the impression he was divorced.

The couple had hooked up on the sugar baby website Seeking Arrangements and agreed to have a casual sexual relationship.

When Mr Wang fobbed her off in April last year, Ms Qin allegedly hit WeChat.

‘He pretended to be enamored, loving mankind and animals, and peaceful,’ she wrote, before getting to her point.

‘(In fact he is a scheming boy, good at mind games, and having dubious relationships with several girls behind your back, always claiming that he was single), to give you a false impression.’

Ms Qin allegedly accused Mr Wang of being ‘a demon dressed up as an angel’.

‘In fact, he is a PUA expert, deceiving several girls for their affections and sacrifices, and he even gets the girls to buy him stuffs,’ the post read.

‘He is a scum who will immediately extricates himself after he has successfully won over the affections of the girls by deception!’

A fake profile Barry Wang claims was defamatory

A fake profile Barry Wang claims was defamatory 

A Chinese-language WeChat group was told 'Barry' was scum

A Chinese-language WeChat group was told ‘Barry’ was scum