Readers share their market woes

  • Our Home Truths series has struck a chord with many readers, who have written in to tell us their experiences. Here are some of your personal stories, starting with reaction to last Friday’s report on Squirrel Mortgages boss John Bolton, who told would-be first-home buyers to ditch the Sky TV subscription, buy a cheaper car, pay off their debts and learn how to save …

    I work full-time and earn $46,000 a year (despite having two degrees). I will never be able to afford my own home in Auckland (as I’m also single) and I currently house-sit as it saves me money. This man clearly is one of the affluent people who think that those who cannot afford their own homes are in this situation because they fritter their money away. I have a $3500 car, no Sky TV and haven’t had a holiday in five years.


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