Hayley Marley-Duncan


PHOTO: Hayley Marley-Duncan featured in a series on Today Tonight called Hayley’s Law. Today Tonight

A South Australian real estate agent who gained notoriety after appearing on Today Tonight has been banned for practising for six months and fined $7,500 for “unprofessional, offensive and abusive” behaviour.

Key points:

  • The District Court found Hayley Marley-Duncan was not a fit and proper person to be a real estate agent
  • She has been fined, banned from practising and will have to go undergo ethical and anger management training
  • She described the decision as a “joke”

Hayley Marley-Duncan has been ordered to undergo anger management training after calling one of her tenants a “Centrelink dweller” during a hearing at the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT), where she accused tribunal members of being “incompetent”.

The District Court also heard she called police “lying corrupt maggots” on social media and disclosed personal information regarding her tenants to journalists at the site of a triple murder in Hillier, north of Adelaide.