Real estate agent ordered to pay back a $14,000

Real estate agent ordered to pay back a $14,000 first home owner grant plus a penalty because she spent too much time at her boyfriend’s house

  • Vanessa Falvo purchased a three-bedroom home in Collaroy in 2009
  • She was provided with a $14,000 first home owner government grant
  • In 2014 she was ordered to repay it plus a 60 per cent penalty
  • Ms Falvo challenged the order but judgement ruled against her on Monday

Ms Falvo had grounded her objection on that she had ‘lived in the property’ but ‘rented rooms out that were not needed by me throughout my entire ownership’.

She also said in her written statement: ‘I was generally at my boyfriend’s house most evenings’.

The father of her boyfriend backed up that claim.



The beach at Collaroy in Sydney’s northern beaches, where Ms Falvo acquired a home in 2009 and received a $14,000 government grant to purchase