Linh Yee

PHOTO: Linh Yee.

A real estate agent based in Auckland with Asian heritage has received a formal warning from her employer for sharing a TikTok video featuring a caricatured Asian accent and offering household services to potential homebuyers.


  • Linh Yee, a distinguished agent affiliated with the Ray White real estate group in Australasia, uploaded a video showcasing a property while adopting an exaggerated Asian accent and proposing domestic assistance.
  • The video circulated for more than a week before a complaint about its reinforcement of harmful stereotypes regarding Asian women prompted its removal, as per NZ Herald.
  • Yee expressed regret, clarifying that she intended the video as light-hearted humor but now acknowledges its cultural insensitivity.

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Yee, in the contentious video, humorously referred to herself as “Lingling” and mentioned, “You pay me good price, I also get dirty for you, see — I clean.” Additionally, she offered to prepare peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for prospective buyers. The video concluded with a phrase from “Full Metal Jacket,” “love you long time,” which is derogatory.

Following condemnation from an Auckland woman of Asian descent, Yee’s viral TikTok content was taken down for perpetuating stereotypes against Southeast Asian women.

In a separate video promoting a property in Sandringham, Yee demonstrated her proficiency in English without an accent, sharply contrasting with her accent in the controversial video.


Amidst the criticism, Yee expressed sincere remorse, stating, “I am truly sorry,” and committed to self-education and increased awareness of the impact of her words and actions. She emphasized her intention to manifest genuine growth and learning through her future conduct.

Nick Lyus, the director of Ray White Epsom, confirmed that Yee received a formal warning. Although the company does not scrutinize all social media content, it underscored its dedication to imparting cultural sensitivity and anti-discrimination training to its staff.