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PHOTO: Khalel Elchaar used his access to rental bonds to withdraw $17,200 being held on behalf of tenants. 

A Sydney real estate agent who had a penchant for cocaine and used tenants’ rental bonds to fund his addiction has been spared jail.

Khalel Elchaar, 32, has been convicted of seven counts of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception.

He used his special access to the state rental bonds authority to withdraw $17,200 being held on behalf of seven tenants.

Elchaar moved the money into seven accounts controlled by him or his brother over a few weeks in 2015. Four bank accounts were newly created.

Fair Trading NSW soon uncovered the operation, suspended his licence and had his business – Sydney Property Group – sold off to cover the debts.

Elchaar made admissions and explained his brother didn’t know about the scheme, court documents state.