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The Rubinstein Group’s (TRG) Gavin Rubinstein, who has officially been named as Ten Sixty’s official Australian ambassador, said short-form video has been “an integral marketing tool” in his business.

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The Luxe Listings Sydney star has spruiked the importance of video as a real estate marketing tool, as he aligns himself with a brand-new app.

Ten Sixty — also known simply as “1060” — first launched in Australia earlier this year.

In an exclusive interview with REB, Mr Rubinstein revealed that “in a growing digital world, our clients want to showcase their properties through video first”.

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“Short video allows buyers to view a property quickly and decide if they want to request an inspection — all within seconds,” he said.

According to Mr Rubinstein, “we’re moving into a new era where video is casual and ‘in the moment’.”

“You just need to look at the following of leading agents from around the globe who are producing live and short video content,” he said.

He believes that any real estate agent who isn’t doing short videos is missing out on “massive” engagement opportunities: “It’s the quickest way to get a property to the market and get a conversation going.”

He acknowledges that busy agents — and busy teams — require processes that are time-effective.

But even then, he sees the value in investing in video marketing, spending anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per week on that part of his business.

“I film two hours of footage for all of my property campaigns to get a killer one-minute video for online platforms,” he shared.

Speaking of the future of video marketing in the industry and of his decision to take on an ambassador role with Ten Sixty, Mr Rubinstein said the app is “an incredibly powerful tool”.

Likening it to TikTok and Instagram reels, he said that this is where he sees the industry shifting: “Over the next few years, I see real estate going short-form video.

“Consumers want to be able to simply swipe through short videos on their phone and follow agents they trust and find entertaining.”

He sees the platform as a way for agents “to build a dedicated online audience that are interested in property and might be looking to buy or sell”.

Touting it as “a great way to easily list hot new properties that just come onto the market in seconds”, the TRG founder believes that beyond agents, it can also be an “incredibly useful” tool for buyers, sellers, and investors.

And he’s not the only one who’s taken up residency on the app.

“In just a matter of months, Ten Sixty has been taken up by 1000s of the world’s top luxury teams, including iconic teams such as the SERHANT team in New York, Joyce Rey (no.1 agent in California), the Jills-Zeder team (no.1 in the United States), Maya Vander from (Selling Sunset),” he listed off.