Owning your dream home is unlikely to be your first step on the property ladder.


A hopeful homebuyer, Maddie Langshaw, feels she was put through unnecessary hurdles by a real estate agent while pursuing their dream family home. Despite being told they were “front-runners,” their aspirations were shattered by a straightforward phone call, concluding a lengthy buying process.

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Langshaw, 25, and her partner, Ante Jungbluth Miocic, 30, exhausted from weeks of house hunting, had their parents inspect a property on the NSW Central Coast. The feedback was positive, urging them to make an offer, but with a condition. The real estate agent insisted they visit the house, emphasizing the need for a personal connection.


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According to Maddie, the agent continued selling them the dream even when they were at the front door. He allegedly shared stories about the deceased previous owner, claiming a personal connection, and went on to request a written narrative from the couple about their vision for the house, their plans, and why they desired the property.

Despite finding the request peculiar, the couple complied eagerly. After submitting their offer and waiting for hours with no response, the agent allegedly ignored their calls. When finally reached, he informed them that they had lost to a higher offer, leaving the couple blindsided.

Left, Home buyers Maddie Langshaw and fiancé Ante smile at the camera while on a hike in Sydney. Right, they pose together at a wedding.
Home buyers Maddie Langshaw and fiancé Ante Jungbluth Miocic believe the real estate agent played an ’emotional game’ in the hope to secure more money for a property. Source: Instagram

Questioning the lack of an opportunity for a counter-offer, they found the agent’s response blunt and decided to cut ties. The agent reportedly justified the situation as “just the way it works” before hanging up.

The entire home-buying process, already expensive and time-consuming, added emotional strain, making the dream of the “Australian dream” seem distant and disheartening for Langshaw. She strongly believes the real estate agent played an emotional game to secure a higher price, but it ultimately backfired, leaving the couple feeling manipulated and disappointed.