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PHOTO: EST. 2015 was started in March, 2015. The vision was to create an online portal where those interested in property news could come and quickly get up to date with what is happening.

Over the last (almost) 8 years – we have developed a very loyal readership/viewership. Our clients are also loyal with a number of them advertising with us year after year. We have provided a portal for them that enables cost effective advertising in static form – so massive value for you buck, so to speak.

Real estate brands profile their businesses with us, as they know real estate agents and homeowners see our site as a GO TO  for real estate news.

‘A number of our clients are real estate brands and one of them has shown significant interest in buying to showcase their business whilst continuing to aggregate the most interesting property news. Whilst it is tempting – we are still very much focused on our 10 year plan to grow our site and the opportunities it offers everyone that uses it’, Property Noise Group GM – Mr Ferguson said



Property Noise Advertising

Property Noise NZ Advertising Rates – 2023

It started very basic – CLICK HERE, and over time through countless hours/effort, it has developed into one of the most viewed property news sites in New Zealand.

Just like our friends at – we started small

In December, 2015 we launched our Australian site

Over time we have created a cool brand, providing outstanding content and ensure we refer/attribute all that content to the original source.


We reckon it is the BEST property news update in NZ!

Our income is generated from our great clients and through Google ADWORDS.

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