PHOTO: FlexiSign

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) has today announced the launch of FlexiSign, New Zealand’s newest online signing platform that lets real estate agents create an agreement, negotiate the with the vendor and the purchaser, and sign all in one digital space.

The ability to complete all these functions online means a decrease in paper, travel, and time. Agents can now complete a Sale & Purchase Agreement between a vendor on one side of town and a purchaser on the other, all in a matter of minutes – there is no need to spend hours in traffic to get it sorted.

A significant number of unique forms are generated through the REINZ eForms platform each year meaning that FlexiSign has the potential to save more than 500 trees worth of paper over every year, let alone hundreds of hours of driving time and thousands of dollars’ worth of petrol costs.

Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive at REINZ says, “The ability to create, negotiate, and complete the sale of property 100% digitally on a single platform is something relatively new to New Zealand, and REINZ is excited that we are able to deliver this technology to consumers and the real estate industry. FlexiSign uses DocuSign, the global leader in eSignature and Digital Transaction Management.

“We believe that the efficiency, accuracy, ease, and security that FlexiSign offers will help improve the experience for agents, vendors and purchasers alike,” continues Norwell.

The REINZ FlexiSign platform gives users the ability to view changes made by clients or make changes themselves. Agents maintain ultimate control and complete oversight of the process, including notifications when changes are made, to help them remain at the forefront of where the offer is and action the next steps more quickly.

The digital platform makes it easier to maintain a record of offers created and counter-offer changes, improving processes geared towards complying with industry regulations. Agents can also include additional documentation to support agreements, such as REA approved guides, which assists with compliance.

REINZ considered the unique role of real estate professionals, vendors and purchasers during the design and creation of FlexiSign and implemented security features to provide agents with the ability to have their managers review and approve negotiated offers before they’re sent off for signing, enabling complete oversight and supervision in accordance with the agents’ obligations.

FlexiSign is an entirely online negotiation and signing platform using REINZ eForms, which is approved by The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand Incorporated and the Auckland District Law Society Incorporated for use on desktop and mobile – timesaving, flexible, secure, and paperless.

Negotiate. Sign. Sold.


For further information, please contact Dee Crooks, Head of Communications at REINZ, on 021 953 308.