Mortgage broker Richard Pusey

PHOTO: Richard Pusey

A million-dollar property owned by jailed Porsche driver Richard Pusey has hit the market as the mortgage broker remains locked up.

Jailed Melbourne mortgage broker Richard Pusey is trying to sell part of his property portfolio from behind bars.

Pusey, 41, is accused of filming and taunting dying police on a busy Melbourne freeway. He has been denied bail over the incident which left four Victoria Police officers dead.

The Porsche driver, who owns a portfolio worth more than $12 million, has listed a Doncaster East townhouse with an asking price of between $950,000 and $1.045 million.

Title documents confirm the four-bedroom property at 1/6 Champion Street belongs to Mr Pusey.

Richard Pusey has been refused bail. Picture: Michael Dodge/AAP

Richard Pusey has been refused bail. Picture: Michael Dodge/AAP Source: AAP


The property is being described in real estate ads as an “elevated 7 room, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom town residence” that showcases “supreme living”.

Selling agency RT Edgar Manningham is taking expressions of interest until June 30, but Mr Pusey will not be out of prison until next year at the earliest after a magistrate refused bail last month.

Magistrate Johanna Metcalf said Pusey represents an “unacceptable risk of endangering the safety of members of the public”.

The 41-year-old was pulled over on the Eastern Freeway after allegedly speeding at 149km/h in a 100km/h zone.



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