PHOTO: It would be a further three to four years before the new laws to replace the RMA had any material effect on the housing market, David Parker says. Photo: RNZ / Tess Brunton

The repeal and replacement of the RMA is incredibly complex, and time will be taken to get the legislation right, the Environment Minister says.

Three new laws will cover land use and environmental regulation, strategic planning for future development, and climate change adaptation.

“This is a very big thing to give birth to,” said David Parker, “and it would be like triplets to deliver it all at once – one at a time.”

It will take about two years to have the new laws in place, which will replace the Act described by Parker as too complicated, too slow and failing to properly protect the environment.

The main legislation – the Natural and Built Environments Act (NBA) – will go through a more intensive select committee process than usual.

A special select committee inquiry will consider a draft version of the bill from the middle of the year; that will include “the most important elements of the legislation, including the replacement of Part 2 of the RMA”.