Designing Dreams

PHOTO: Matthew Ridge – TV show “Designing Dreams”. STUFF

Matthew Ridge recently relocated to France, citing his diminished enthusiasm for New Zealand as the reason for his departure. The host of the TV show “Designing Dreams,” showcasing Aotearoa’s most remarkable houses, expressed concern about the housing affordability crisis in New Zealand, particularly for his own children and the younger generation.

Matthew Ridge hosts a new season of Designing Dreams

During his appearance on the 50th episode of Stuff’s Generally Famous celebrity interview podcast, hosted by Simon Bridges, Ridge highlighted the current challenges facing New Zealand, including what he referred to as “big issues” such as the escalating cost of living. Emphasizing the exorbitant prices of houses, Ridge remarked, “Can you believe that purchasing a house in New Zealand is nearly impossible unless you’re earning a substantial income or willing to relocate to Stewart Island?”

While expressing his fondness for Stewart Island, Ridge voiced apprehensions about his children’s ability to afford a home in New Zealand, questioning how they could manage a home loan. He lamented the contrast between previous generations’ ability to secure bank loans and purchase homes compared to the present scenario, stating, “Now? What? We can’t do that, it’s impossible.”

In the podcast episode, Ridge delved into his rugby and rugby league career, also addressing what he described as the ‘horrendous’ treatment of All Blacks coach, Ian Foster. For those interested, Matthew Ridge’s show, “Designing Dreams,” is available for streaming on Sky Go and Neon.