‘Slumsville’ owner told to pay up

  • An Auckland developer faces a bill of $90,000 after erecting eight temporary houses that flushed human waste into a stream.

Augustine Lau has a history of legal trouble, with numerous court judgments finding against him, including a case concerning earthworks at two waterfront properties at Waiwera that caused a steep and dangerous bank, another around a garage illegally converted into a “house”, and another dealing with a Paremoremo section where relocatable houses were installed to create what neighbours described as “slumsville”.



Augustine Lau and his associates have been ordered to pay $90,000 in court costs by the Environment Court.

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  1. I and family members have had dealings with one Augustine Lau. I know of a number of people whom have lost hundreds of thousands if not millions, thanks to his deceptive and misleading concept. He is well known in the real estate industry, and is regarded as somewhat of a clown, albeit onw who lacks any semblance of business integrity. Do not engage in any business with this man!

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