Sofia Vergara

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Reported by The U.S. Sun, Sofia Vergara is the sole owner of the $44 million property empire she once shared with her estranged husband, Joe Manganiello. Court documents reveal that both of their Beverly Hills properties are now in Sofia’s name, despite her impressive $180 million net worth. Astonishingly, she’s accumulated loans totaling $22 million on these luxurious estates.

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Since June 2020, Joe, 46, and Sofia, 51, have resided in a magnificent Tuscan-style villa in Beverly Hills, purchased for $26 million. This 17,000-square-foot property boasts six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, but carries a hefty $15.6 million mortgage with First Republic Bank. Court records detail a 30-year interest rate of 2.8 percent, translating to monthly payments of $64,099, in addition to $26,000 in property taxes.

Sofia’s first Beverly Hills property, acquired in February 2014 for $10.6 million, is a mansion boasting seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 11,269 square feet. This property comes with a $6.6 million home loan from Commercial Bank, with a similar interest rate to her other home, leading to monthly payments of $27,119, excluding taxes. The combined monthly cost of these two properties for Sofia totals $129,000.

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Currently, the property she purchased in 2014 is on the market for nearly $18 million, having been listed last year for $20 million before being temporarily withdrawn.

Beyond the property troubles, Sofia faces the challenge of divorce after seven years of marriage, with Joe filing the paperwork recently. According to TMZ, their official separation date is July 2, 2023, and the divorce is attributed to irreconcilable differences. A prenuptial agreement is also in place, ensuring their fortunes remain entirely separate, including Sofia’s property portfolio, safeguarding her $180 million net worth. Since they have no children, custody arrangements are unnecessary, and each party is responsible for their respective legal fees.

Although Joe filed for divorce from Sofia, an airtight prenup keeps their fortunes entirely separate - including their properties

Although Joe filed for divorce from Sofia, an airtight prenup keeps their fortunes entirely separate – including their propertiesCredit: Getty

Joe’s legal representation comes from Hollywood’s renowned “divorce queen,” Laura Wasser, who also handled Kim Kardashian’s high-profile divorce from Kanye West.

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Sofia’s penchant for partying played a role in their split, according to exclusive information from The U.S. Sun. Joe, who battled alcohol addiction in his early 20s, found it challenging to be surrounded by potential temptations during Sofia’s Los Angeles parties or “cocktail nights” at their mansion. Their marriage faced difficulties over the past couple of years, especially during the COVID pandemic, which contributed to their growing distance.

Associates of Sofia’s mention that she has effectively been leading a single life for the past few months, frequently going out alone or hosting gatherings, while Joe chose to stay away from such situations to avoid the temptation of alcohol. This divergence in their approaches to socializing ultimately strained their relationship.

As Joe and Sofia divorce, a friend informs The U.S. Sun that Joe is ready to leave behind their extravagant Hollywood lifestyle. One of the factors that caused their drift apart was their contrasting lifestyle aspirations. Joe never felt entirely comfortable in the grand Los Angeles mansion or on the beaches of Saint Tropez, embracing these elements mainly to please Sofia. It’s now likely that Joe will seek a more modest, small-town life, reminiscent of his earlier career days and the backyard barbecues he misses dearly.