PHOTO: BRYA INGRAM/STUFFGilbert Haymes Associates surveyor Tony Hawke says tighter regulations could make infill of existing sections in town more difficult.

Changes to housing regulations in Marlborough’s newly minted “master plan” could make subdividing less likely, despite “infill” on large sections being touted as a solution for Blenheim’s housing shortage.

The construction industry had hoped the long-awaited Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan would reinvigorate Blenheim’s housing sector. The behemoth document, which fuses three of the Marlborough District Council’s management plans into one, was released on Thursday.

Housing companies and surveyors called for “reduced bureaucracy” during consultation on the plan, suggesting changes to make it easier and less expensive to add to Blenheim’s housing supply.

But the final version appeared to have the opposite effect, with main players fearing landowners would be deterred from subdividing due to more stringent regulations.