Christie Brinkley


The 69-year-old iconic supermodel, Christie Brinkley, welcomed TikTok sensation Caleb Simpson into her enchanting Hamptons residence, offering an exclusive glimpse of her opulent abode.

This splendid estate features six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a charming greenhouse, and an Olympic-sized pool. Self-proclaimed ‘queen of the Hamptons,’ Christie Brinkley graciously shared her $30 million ‘castle’ with a unique tower as the centerpiece.

In a video series dedicated to exploring remarkable living spaces in New York City and around the world, Christie, the timeless blonde beauty, guided 31-year-old TikTok star Caleb Simpson through her expansive Sag Harbor property, which she has cherished as her home for the past 24 years.

Within the main house, Christie showcased six bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms, and in the guest house, two additional bedrooms and bathrooms. The former Covergirl icon began the tour at her chicken coop, introducing her feathered friends, including Scrambled, Sunnyside Up, Benedict, and the beloved Goldie.

The tour continued to her extensive yard, where a fireplace-adorned greenhouse captured attention. Christie explained that the citrus trees she planted here were reminiscent of her California roots.


@christiebrinkley location: Sag Harbor, NY Occupation: American Model, Actress and Entrepreneur Thanks for having us over! You are a true icon ⭐️ P.S. A longer video is in the works!

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Caleb was pleasantly surprised by the Olympic-sized pool, which was accompanied by a fire pit and wooden chairs, often used for family gatherings and singing sessions. Strolling through the untamed field of tall grass, Christie expressed her commitment to “re-wilding” the yard, emphasizing the vibrant springtime blooms.

In Christie’s own words, her home was like something out of a storybook, the longest-standing residence in her life, now at 24 years. The interior tour covered her kitchen, dining room, and favorite decorations. However, she playfully refused to unveil any of the messy rooms.

The kitchen boasted an open-floor plan, adorned with blue paint, wooden floors, and nature-inspired chandeliers, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The living room featured a fireplace encircled by seashells spelling “Home sweet home,” while Christie disclosed her fondness for stones and seashells in her decorations.

Christie explained that she wanted to take Caleb around the grounds first because they were 'so extraordinary'

Christie explained that she wanted to take Caleb around the grounds first because they were ‘so extraordinary’

The dining room was elegantly furnished with a dark wood table, a chandelier, and a “Dining room” sign. Another room exhibited Christie’s lighthearted side with cheetah-print chairs, while a room with a blue theme showcased a dazzling chandelier, blue chairs, and artwork on the walls. Throughout the house, cherished framed art created by her children during their youth adorned the walls.

Christie mentioned that the dining room served as a storage space for her photo albums, and her “favorite cover ever done” was a Chicago Playbill. The tour included a 270-year-old bonsai tree, humorously referred to as “older” than herself.

The video concluded with the two standing atop the tower, raising a glass of champagne in celebration. Christie, who had contemplated selling her “fairy tale” home in the past, had now firmly decided to keep it, never parting with this remarkable piece of her life.

As reported by Top Ten Real Estate Deals, the property includes a gym, an office, four fireplaces, multiple stone terraces, and a four-car heated garage. The backyard is graced with a tennis court, a pond, and a heated swimming pool, adding to the allure of this Hamptons haven.