Boeing 727

PHOTO: Boeing 727. 1NEWS

In a rural Canterbury town, a grandfather named Neil Mugford has recently completed the project of a lifetime – he acquired an Air Force jet through an auction and transformed it into a unique house.

Mugford, who resides in Leeston, initially set out to find a set of stairs for his grandchildren’s treehouse while browsing online. To his surprise, he stumbled upon the perfect set of stairs, but they happened to be connected to a Boeing 727 aircraft.

Fast forward four years, and after an expenditure of $283, Neil Mugford, a former farmer and mechanic, along with his wife Sue, are on the verge of moving into their unconventional home – an airplane house that boasts a fuselage, landing gear, and one wing.

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This particular aircraft had been retired in 2003 following 22 years of dedicated service, during which it accumulated numerous remarkable memories.

Mugford shared, “We often have people driving by who can’t help but stop in amazement, either because they had worked on this aircraft, flown in it, or even flown it themselves. It’s truly astonishing how many people have a personal connection to it, especially those in the Air Force who tend to remember their special planes vividly.”