The Tauranga City Failed subdivision, allegedly caused by the Tauranga City Council’s incompetence and malice, has been spun very publicly by Council and media as the “Bella Vista” debacle.

A turn in the spin was noted this week when Mayor Brownless was reported as saying “but Bella Vista homes has to bear some responsibility, not just the council”.

Mr Danny Cancian, Director of Bella Vista Homes Ltd, [in liquidation] has often publicly offered to be completely transparent and agreed to take responsibility for any wrongful actions that have been taken.

The Mayor’s statement shows softening of his earlier stance regarding liability. The Council will apparently be taking their action against Mr Cancian directly, not Bella Vista Homes Ltd [in liquidation] as reported.

Council rumours, which were deliberately spread within Council as far back as 2015, were formally confirmed in meeting minutes in September 2016. The rumours infested the council and the community with fake news. As a direct consequence, the Community at large has become ill informed and confused as this fake news has continued to be reported.

It was reported in the Operation Jigsaw assessment, that Bella Vista homes Ltd was run competently. The report identified that it became obvious to Bella Vista Homes Ltd in 2016 that something was wrong in the performance of Council. Discussions, instigated by Bella Vista homes, were to be held at the highest level to resolve the ongoing unreasonable pressure Council was putting on Bella Vista Homes Ltd.



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