Tauranga realtor


PHOTO: Jim Peterson gives away a percentage of each sale.

Real estate agents come in at number seven on a British list of least trusted professionals. Only bankers, journalists and politicians are more scorned.

But when the real estate agent is an altruistic and benevolent Tauranga realtor, who gives substantially of his time and commissions to charity, then he should rise above this list of suspicion.

Jim Peterson, of Westbay Real Estate, spells it out. “$21,500 to five different charities in 15 months,” says the 27-year realtor. Some 60 per cent of those charity dollars is his money, his slice of the pie. The other slice is the company’s.

“I have always maintained that half a sandwich is better than no sandwich,” says Jim. “It is business we wouldn’t have got, and we are helping the community. It’s a win-win.”