The Agency

PHOTO: The Agency

Perth-based real estate disruptor The Agency Limited (ASX: AU1) is a company on a mission, aiming to disrupt the real estate business by becoming the “mother ship” entity to a bevy of agents.

“We’re the entity that provides all the branding, marketing, training, administration, compliance and technical support, and we allow the agents to do what they do best – which is selling houses – with everything they need based in the cloud,” says The Agency managing director Paul Niardone. “They can do their business in a coffee shop, or in the vendor’s home, or in their own home – or come into our ‘hub’ for whatever they need.

“Other real estate companies see the vendors as their clients, but we see the agents as our clients. Those real estate companies have costs in the office/principal model or the franchise model, but we’ve stripped that out – our model is effectively a partnership between the agents, and us.”

As Ausnet Financial Services, AU1 listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in December 2016, after raising $5.8 million. Ausnet rolled-out a new real estate business model called “The Agency,” and in December 2017, the listed entity changed its name to The Agency Limited.