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  • Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky announced that staff can ‘live and work anywhere’ – including 170 countries overseas – without facing lowered compensation
  • Starting in June, the company will no longer pay people based on regional differences, and will pay a flat rate per country to each employee
  • Although employees will need to have a home base for tax reasons, they can spend up to 90 days per year in any country 
  • Despite the new remote working policy, Chesky admitted that some creative work is ‘best done in the same room’, so employees will meet quarterly for team gatherings
  • But he said that, although there is ‘tension’ and ‘anxiety,’ he trusted his employees to ‘do their jobs when you can’t see them’ 

Airbnb staff can now work remotely from almost anywhere in the world without taking a pay cut – despite its CEO admitting some work is ‘best done in the same room’.


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Brian Chesky announced the radical new policy on Twitter, saying it was because ‘the world has become more flexible.’

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Now, Airbnb employees will be able to work from anywhere, although they can only stay abroad for up to 90 days and will need to maintain a home base in the country where they were hired for tax reasons.

Starting in June, Chesky wrote in an email to staffers, Airbnb will have ‘single pay tiers by country for both salary and equity,’ and anyone who was paid in a lower location-based tier will see an increase.


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Staffers will be brought together at least four times annually for in-person gatherings, Chesky said.

The company will now operate on a ‘multi-year roadmap’ with two major product released scheduled each year, the CEO said.

It is unclear how much it will cost the company to universally raise the salaries of all employees receiving lower incomes based on their locations, or whether Airbnb will finance travel to their quarterly in-person sessions.

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The new model will apply to both staff in the US – where Airbnb has its HQ in San Francisco, along with locations in New York City, Seattle, Washington and Portland – and to workers in the UK, according to The Guardian.

Employees at Airbnb’s 20-plus offices – located in Ireland, India, China, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Luxemburg, Japan, Mexico, Korea and Singapore – will be also be able to cash in on the new location-blind model, the company told

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The average Airbnb salary ranges from approximately $56,202 per year for a Customer Experience Specialist to $276,703 per year for a Software Engineering Manager, according to Glassdoor.

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 ‘Our business wouldn’t have recovered as quickly from the pandemic if it hadn’t been for millions of people working from Airbnbs,’ Chesky wrote.