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There are three main questions to ask yourself before hiring an estate agent to help you sell your home:

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  • Can they list your home at the correct price?
  • Are they qualified and knowledgeable in selling homes in your particular area?
  • Are they hands-on and communicative?

Listing your home correctly equates to a faster selling time and a greater likelihood of receiving (close to) your asking price. A knowledgeable and well-reputed agent will know the ideal buyer to market your property to, the kinds of buyers looking to purchase in your area, and what these buyers are willing to spend. This means a good agent will market your home well and be realistic with you regarding what you can expect.

If you get along with your agent and are confident that they are honest, professional, and clear in communicating with both you and potential buyers, much of the stress around selling your home can be relieved. So, how do you find such an agent? One easy way is to conduct an online comparison on a site like AgentIQ. You could also ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbours.

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Once you’ve whittled your options down to the top three candidates, arrange a meeting with each and see how you get along personally, how they present themselves as professionals in practice, and how they price your property. Then, make your final selection.

A good agent should be able to help you from initial listing to final transfer – and everything in between, including vetting potential buyers, hiring qualified inspectors, and using specialist lawyers for the actual sale. Good agents should also make the selling process as simple and stress-free as possible. So, take some additional time to research options and only hire someone you believe will do the best job for you.