Tina Cross


New Zealand’s beloved entertainment figure, Tina Cross, is putting up her stunning waterfront residence in Auckland for sale.

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Cross, along with her former husband Wayne Sullivan, oversaw the construction of this lavish four-bedroom home located at 17 Lansdowne Street, Bayswater, on the North Shore of Auckland. Despite their involvement in its creation, Cross hasn’t resided there extensively. However, her connection to the property dates back to 1979, when she was at the outset of her career.

Originally owned by her close friends Penny and Jack Maich, the property holds sentimental value for Cross. She fondly recalls spending time there during the early days of her career, with Penny being instrumental in crafting her costumes for significant events like the Pacific Song Contest, which marked a pivotal moment in her career trajectory.

Kiwi pop legend Tina Cross selling her waterfront Auckland home

The four-bedroom home at 17 Lansdowne Street, in Bayswater, Auckland, is for sale by way of price by negotiation. Photo / Supplied

While Cross’s career has since blossomed, with notable achievements such as her involvement in The Lady Killers supergroup and memorable performances on Dancing with the Stars, her bond with the Maichs and the property remains strong. The decision to purchase the house came in 2004, but due to various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the new home wasn’t completed until September 2021.


Cross wows the crowds at a concert in the mid-2000s. Photo / Getty Images

Despite not being her primary residence, Cross was actively engaged in designing aspects of the house, particularly the kitchen and living areas. The property boasts a unique charm, blending modern elements with the character of the original bungalow. Its waterfront location offers breathtaking views of Shoal Bay and the Auckland Harbour Bridge, providing a serene retreat for its occupants.

17 Lansdowne Street, Bayswater, North Shore City, Auckland1

The house is billed by the listing agents as a “once-in-a-lifetime peninsula property”. Photo / Supplied

17 Lansdowne Street, Bayswater, North Shore City, Auckland2

The CV for the house is $4.8m. Photo / Supplied

As the house hits the market, Cross reflects on its significance in her life and expresses a sense of nostalgia. The sale is handled by New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty agents, who anticipate significant interest given the property’s rarity and prime location.

For Cross, while bidding farewell to the house evokes mixed emotions, she cherishes the memories created within its walls and looks forward to the possibility of new adventures ahead.