John Stewart, Head of Australasian Membership with One Agency has released figures today that place this growing brand as a major player in the marketplace.

“The growth over the past six months and the level of enquiry from very, very well-qualified professionals in the real estate industry  is just prolific, it’s going through the roof,” says Mr.Stewart, speaking today from the Australia and New Zealand-wide group’s headquarters in Sydney.

“We’ve signed 30 new licenses in the first six months of this year, 19 in Australia and 11 in New Zealand. NZ has seen 22 licenses issued in the nine months since the first office opened in Warkworth, North of Auckland. The rate of enquiry is more than double that of a year ago.”

“I think that there’s a realisation that One Agency is delivering enhanced value to highly professional agents  and we have gained more credibility recently because of those numbers. We are now larger than some of the more traditional franchise brands in Australia and gaining a strong foothold in New Zealand.”

15 of the new licenses signed in 2016 were major offices rebranding and 15 were individual agents basing their businesses from non-shopfront premises. Members of the group have the flexibility to promote their brand with fewer of the restrictions of a traditional franchise while retaining almost all of their income.

Many will have researched the idea of opening as an independent first and after working out the cost, time and complexity involved in setting up alone, choose to join One Agency.


“We attract a mix of professional real estate agents taking the leap to start their first business and  established offices ditching their traditional franchises and rebranding to One Agency.”

The group continues to grow with a further eight signings anticipated by the end of July across both countries. In Australia there are currently 137 active licenses. The group administers 159 licenses across Australia and New Zealand placing the brand firmly within the top 10 networks in Australia and rapidly gaining presence in New Zealand.


“This expansion has been achieved in a few short years against long-established competition,” says Mr. Stewart.  “It’s a rapidly changing world and we are leading that change, it’s something that’s truly exciting to be a part of.”

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