Transmission Gully

PHOTO: DOMINION-POST Construction of Transmission Gully on a quiet section near Battle Hill Regional Park.

The weirdest thing about Transmission Gully is that the more time passes, the less we know about it.

It is perhaps fitting for a road that’s been mooted for a century: after five years of construction, there are more unknowns about the project than at the beginning.

Currently, we do not know when our billion-dollar road will open.


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Currently, we do not know how much extra money, on top of the extra already being paid, is needed to get the road finished.

Currently, we do not know the status of the relationship between the Wellington Gateway consortium contracted to deliver and maintain Transmission Gully, its builder CPB-HEB, and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

We do know the road was meant to open in April, then May, then November, then “well into 2021” according to the agency.