Layla Kelly

PHOTO: Layla Kelly, 33, (pictured) was banned from Porirua Bunnings in Wellington this year for a wild stunt she pulled to promote her content. INSTAGRAM

Layla Kelly, has been prohibited from entering her nearby Bunnings store after orchestrating a daring stunt aimed at promoting her social media content. Together with another social media influencer, Layla visited the hardware store in Porirua, where they strategically placed articles of clothing, purportedly as a gesture for hardworking tradies.

The video of their escapade gained widespread attention, amassing 15 million views and prompting the local police to intervene. Recounting the unexpected visit from the authorities, Layla shared, “It was around 9 pm when they knocked on my door, and my initial thought was, ‘Oh no, something tragic has happened.'” However, the police were there to address the Bunnings video, describing the discussion as “really serious.”

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Despite the fact that Layla and her companion retrieved all the garments after filming, Bunnings took offense at the stunt. Layla revealed, “Apparently that doesn’t matter much because I’m not allowed back,” as the store decided to issue a trespassing warning. Layla was required to sign multiple trespass notices, with the looming threat of a substantial fine if she were to set foot in the store within the next two years.

She visited her local hardware store on New Zealand's North Island with another social media creator and they 'left behind' items of clothing - supposedly 'for hard-working tradies'

She visited her local hardware store on New Zealand’s North Island with another social media creator and they ‘left behind’ items of clothing – supposedly ‘for hard-working tradies’ 

Fortunately for Layla, she avoided legal charges, providing some relief. The blonde influencer shared that she has generated NZD$320,000 in the past year by selling online content, with her most lucrative month netting NZD$48,000.