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PHOTO: Wellington, New Zealand. FILE

Wellington Water has confirmed the continuation of level two restrictions as they actively address over 3000 leaks within the city. Homeowners express concerns about property damage caused by some leaks, prompting inquiries into responsibility for repair costs.

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Lisa Svehla, a homeowner, reported a leaky pipe near her retaining wall, causing water seepage and potential structural issues. While acknowledging the city-wide leak problem, she emphasized the personal impact on her property.

The Wellington City Council is currently investigating the ownership of the land where the wall is located and will determine liability on a case-by-case basis. Water New Zealand advocates for an independent body to expedite the resolution of such issues, suggesting a standardized approach similar to other sectors like electricity and gas.

Wgtn water woes: Homeowner concerned leak could damage property

Some homeowners say leaks are damaging their properties, raising questions over who pays for it. (Source: 1News)

Despite the implementation of restrictions leading to increased water conservation, Wellington Water assures that level two restrictions will persist as they address the leaks. The Wellington City Council is closely monitoring water usage, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant to prevent the need for additional restrictions.


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