PHOTO: Ray White New Farm Principal Matt Lancashire. FILE

Real estate agents who work for Ray White across Australia earn $169,000 on average.


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Some of the group’s top performers earn more than $4 million a year.

NSW and ACT chief executive Tim Snell said in the real estate business there was no nexus whatsoever between education and earning potential.

“In actual fact, the vast majority of our top performers would tell a similar story of dropping out of high school or university,” he said.

Ray White conducts psychometric tests for prospective employees which can outline if someone will be a low or high-performing agent if they possess the desired personality qualities including assertiveness, energy, and competitiveness.

“People that are too logical, or they have too much education, it holds them back from being ultra-successful … They overthink things, they think this isn’t going to work,” he said.

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