• Our MPs bought and sold houses like it was Monopoly last year, but what does their high level of property ownership mean when it comes to making decisions for Kiwis?

The latest edition of Parliament’s pecuniary interests register shows that 19 MPs purchased new properties between February 2015 and January 2016, while another 11 MPs sold off properties.

NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell, who declared four additional properties in the last year – a Pyes Pa family home, Greerton investment property, Napier block of shops, and Napier commercial property – said those purchases were made by his father’s and uncle’s trusts, of which he was a trustee.

“They have got other interests in properties, but it’s not anything other than being involved in the trust, it’s not got anything to do with me so much.”

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Kevin Stent
Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett, pictured last year at the official opening of new social housing units in Johnsonville, owns four properties of her own.