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Police Find Missing Christchurch Real Estate Agent Yanfei Bao’s Cellphone

Increasing Concerns Surrounding Her Mysterious Disappearance

Police have made a significant discovery in the search for Yanfei Bao, a real estate agent from Christchurch who has gone missing. They have found her cellphone, but as time passes, their concern over her disappearance only grows.

Distraught Husband Seeks Help: Beloved Real Estate Agent Reported Missing

Door-to-Door Enquiries and Plea for CCTV Footage

Authorities have been conducting thorough door-to-door enquiries in the vicinity where Yanfei Bao was last seen. They are urging residents in the area to come forward if they have access to CCTV footage that may aid the investigation.

Family and Police Deeply Concerned for Yanfei Bao’s Safety

Yanfei Bao’s family and the police are expressing profound worry about her well-being. Her sudden disappearance is entirely out of character, leaving her loved ones desperate for any sign of her whereabouts.

“We are still dealing with a missing persons investigation,” stated Canterbury Investigations Inspector Nicola Reeves. “The fact that she no longer has her cellphone is of great concern for us.”

New Update: Fear for missing real estate agent’s safety

Multiple House Visits on the Day of Disappearance

Investigations have revealed that Yanfei Bao was knocking on doors on the day she went missing, offering evaluations for those interested in selling their houses. She was last seen by residents at one of these houses, having visited several properties throughout the day.

Forty officers are actively involved in the search efforts to locate Yanfei Bao.

Family’s Anguish and Desperate Plea

Yanfei Bao’s husband, Paul Gooch, expressed deep worry on Facebook, stating that both he and their daughter are incredibly concerned. The family is relying on the support and vigilance of the community as they pray for Yanfei’s safe return. Police, along with friends and family, are standing by to support them in this difficult time.

“Her family is very perplexed by her missing; it’s very out of character,” Inspector Reeves shared. “They are very alarmed, this is incredibly out of character and they do not know why she is missing.”

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Urgent Appeal for Information

Police are urging anyone with information on Yanfei Bao’s whereabouts to immediately call 111 and provide event number P055385539.