PHOTO: SUPPLIED Baylee Niwa, left, teamed up with her friend Becky to buy their Birkenhead property through co-ownership facilitated by Miuwi.

Baylee Niwa, 29, was eager to get into her first home, but didn’t have the financial means to do so on her own.

After setting a personal goal of being in her own home within the year,  the Aucklander convinced her 28-year-old friend Becky to explore buying a house together through co-ownership.

Utilising the expertise of FinTech start up Miuwi, the pair managed to buy a three-bedroom, two-bathroom property in the North Shore suburb of Birkenhead by pooling their resources.

“I looked at what I was doing with KiwiSaver and the rest of it and how much I could potentially afford by myself versus what the market was offering and realised that, in order to get a really good house, it would be better to do it with somebody else.