leaky home


PHOTO: MARK TAYLOR/STUFF 2B Edgecumbe St in Hamilton. Owner of the house Ashley Carson believes it should not be labelled as a leaky home.

A house which was at the centre of a lawsuit over an agent’s omission that it had major weathertightness issues should not be labelled a leaky home, its owner says.

Ashley and Suzanne Carson own 2B Edgecumbe Street in Hamilton, a house in Whitiora whose previous owner Jean Warburton discovered six months after purchase was leaky and needed repairs worth $500,000.

Warburton sued REMAX real estate agent Corina Mansell who sold her the house without disclosing the leaks, a property inspector Tony Bankier who gave a satisfactory pre-sale building inspection report, and builder Matt Carson for allegedly doing unconsented work repairing a balcony and one wall on the property. The case was settled before it reached Hamilton High Court.

The dealings are detailed in Stuff’s three-part investigation, The Big Leak.