Mike Pero agents fined $25,000

PHOTO: Wayne Kemp and Marina Scoble. FILE

According to the NZ HERALD two Wellington Mike Pero Real Estate agents who failed to tell buyers about a potentially deathly brick party wall between properties have been fined $25,000.

Wayne Kemp and Marina Scoble were earlier this year found guilty of charges of misconduct over their lack of disclosure about the wall. They were each fined $10,000 for hushing up the potential problem.

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The Real Estate Authority said today the fine for not telling about the defect was a timely reminder to the sector of their obligations to consumers. Belinda Moffat, authority chief executive, cited the case today where the agents were fined $10,000 each over the wall and a further $2500 each over a pipe issue.

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On January 22, the tribunal found two licensees guilty of misconduct for not disclosing to a buyer that the party wall was at risk of collapsing in an earthquake.