Shelley Ferguson

PHOTO: LAWRENCE SMITH Interior designer Shelley Ferguson photographed at her home in Birkenhead, Auckland.

From magazine editor to host of The Block NZ, Shelley Ferguson has had a varied career. Using her love of interiors she has carved another career path for herself, launching her own interior design business and honing these skills to style and decorate her own home.

What made you decide to go into interior design?

I noticed years ago when I was editing home magazines that I was naturally editing rooms and homes in my head as I saw them. I’d visit a new house, notice what wonderful features it had and also how it could be improved and I’d visualise what I’d do if I lived there.

It became a hobby to renovate and redesign my own homes and help friends do theirs, plus I learned a lot about time management and the specifics of building and renovation from six seasons on The Block NZ. It was a very natural progression and I couldn’t ignore the voices in my head any longer.


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