PHOTO: The skateboarder acts as a spokesperson for the flat-fee California real estate brokerage, but other agents aren’t amused

Flat-fee real estate company Home Bay’s latest ad starts off simply enough — two guys, who happen to be skateboarding legends Mike McGill and Tony Hawk, stroll to the backyard of a two-story hillside abode with pristine views of a beach and a private skating pool.

While taking in the scenery, Hawk begins asking McGill how he managed to nab such an awesome listing.

“Home Bay,” McGill explains. “Oh, it’s the new and modern way to buy and sell real estate. With their technology, it makes the traditional real estate agent obsolete. With all the money I saved on commission fees, I was able to afford a bigger place with a pool.”

McGill begins scrolling through Home Bay’s app while pointing out how easy it is to set a price, schedule a photo shoot, market the home, file necessary paperwork and have instant access to a team of real estate professionals all for a flat fee.