PHOTO: The email from the landlord was shocking. Picture: Reddit, iStock

Victorian Resident Shares Amusing Yet Disbelief-Worthy Email from Landlord Regarding ‘Dog Excrement’

Elsternwick Shenanigans Unveiled!

A Victorian resident recently received an email from their landlord that left them both amused and bewildered. The peculiar message, titled ‘RE: Dog Excrement – Elsternwick Shenanigans,’ was shared on Reddit by the shocked local.

The Unpleasant Discovery

According to the email sent to all residents who had provided their contact information to the landlord, a neighboring property in Elsternwick, Victoria, reported an alarming issue. Apparently, one of the residents had been lazily discarding their ‘dog poop’ bags from their balcony into the neighbor’s yard. The concerned neighbor collected four of these bags on the very same day.

email from landlord

The email about the dog poo. Picture: Reddit

A Call to Cease the Behavior

The landlord’s email expressed clear disapproval of such behavior, deeming it highly abnormal and insisting it should be halted immediately. The email further mentioned that some of the bags were thrown in a way that made them difficult for the affected neighbor to reach. Specific details about their location were not provided.

A Plea for Cooperation

The email urged recipients to share this information with their managing agent, if applicable, in an effort to address the issue collaboratively. Unfortunately, comments on the Reddit post indicated that this problem is not an isolated incident, affecting not only units but also houses in the area.

Similar Stories Shared

Responding to the post, other Redditors recounted their own experiences with such unpleasant behavior. One individual shared a disturbing account of a neighbor in their previous block of flats who did the same with their rubbish, landing it in another resident’s yard. Another commenter remembered their strata sharing pictures of dog excrement via the building-wide email distribution in the past, finding humor in an otherwise unappealing situation.

A Call for Accountability

Several users expressed their disgust at such behavior, hoping that fines could be imposed to deter future instances. Others shared their personal encounters with dog waste left on their property and how they dealt with it, with some resorting to returning the bags to the responsible individuals as a form of revenge.

Extreme Measures and Shocking Sightings

In some cases, residents had to take drastic measures to identify the culprits. One owner’s corporation installed a camera pointed at the balconies to catch the person responsible for throwing dog excrement off the balcony. In another unsettling instance, someone was witnessed hurling nappies off their balcony onto the roof of a neighboring building.

A Final Word of Wisdom

In light of these distressing and bizarre incidents, the key takeaway from the discussion was clear: “Don’t throw bags of dog poop at your neighbors.” Such behavior is not only offensive but also leads to unnecessary conflicts and frustrations among residents.