New Zealand, 1st February 2024 – With Open Home Security and Personal Protection now being the most significant risks plaguing the real estate industry, Security Checked releases the ultimate solution, providing bulletproof reassurance to every home seller and agent that each person now entering a home for sale has undergone accurate identity verification.

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The Real Estate Industry Security Shortfall

The real estate industry has been failing in its duty of care by not addressing security vulnerabilities. Currently, anyone can enter any property for sale using fake contact details. Disguised as potential buyers, opportunistic thieves seek to steal valuables or case homes, only to return later as intruders. This open and trusting method of property viewing poses a substantial threat to sellers and the future owners of those properties. Until now, the industry has not had access to a reliable system for accurate identity verification, exposing homeowners to increased risk and harm.

Agents Under Scrutiny

Today, real estate agents are on the frontline of a growing crisis. As economic pressures rise and crime rates continue to surge across all regions, homeowners looking to sell their properties are exposed to an increased risk. Addressing homeowner safety and security vulnerability is essential for all realtors, as most insurance policies will not accept an insurance claim when the culprit is invited into the home. The agent and agency are, therefore, liable for theft and damage.

Security Checked: The Solution

Security Checked unveils a ground-breaking solution that obliterates this vulnerability by ensuring everyone entering a home is exactly who they say they are. This fool proof system benefits buyers as well as sellers. For a buyer, entering an open home is now a rapid and seamless process. A buyer no longer needs to reveal their contact details in front of strangers or wait in line while agents attempt to add attendee names and contact details to a database. Buyers can now track the properties they view and provide contactless feedback to the agents. Being Security Checked helps agents identify potential buyers from nosy neighbours and time-wasters.

Verification lasts 12 months and costs buyers $14.95. Buyers upload 100 points of ID documentation and once verified, receive a unique QR code. To obtain entry into any open house, present this code for agents to scan.

Benefits Amplified

When homeowners understand the risk they are exposed to using the current “unchecked” system, they rightly demand that agents deny access to unverified attendees. Security Checked fortifies client protection and is free for licensed real estate agents and property sellers. The stamp of approval from real estate professionals and security experts firmly cements Security Checked as the new Professional Standard to keep clients and their families and possessions safe.



Merryl Johnson (VENDOR) – “Being an independent woman who lives alone, I wasn’t comfortable with the thought of strangers in my home wandering around, so when my agent suggested we restrict entry to only allow buyers who have been Security Checked, it brought me an immediate sense of relief.”

Karen Fisher (BUYER) – “Attending Open Homes is now so easy; the agent scans my QR code off my phone, and that’s it. I hated calling out my name and phone number with strangers behind me. I understand that Security Checked was brought in to make homeowners safe, but as a buyer, I now feel safer, too!”

Bill Davies (VENDOR) – “I’ve got a lot of valuable equipment that I can’t relocate for every viewing. Opting to limit entry to buyers who have been Security Checked was an obvious choice; if someone isn’t prepared to undergo verification, then I have no interest in them being in my home regardless.”

About Security Checked

Security Checked is committed to revolutionizing security protocols within the real estate industry. Our mission is to guarantee the authenticity of every individual entering a client’s home to provide homeowners with unparalleled peace of mind.

With our innovative verification system, we are determined to eliminate vulnerabilities, enhance safety, and usher in a new era of real estate security.

For more information, please visit www.securitychecked.org