PHOTO: After a slow start to 2019, real estate sales picked up by the end of the year, and finished with a bang: a $9 million sale in Auckland. Photo / Getty

The Auckland property market went “crazy” in the last few weeks of 2019, with an agent reporting a $9 million sale for a high-end Auckland property.

While the agent could not reveal the address of the property because of confidentiality clauses in the deal, she said the sale was locked in between Christmas and New Year.

“It’s gone crazy,” the agent, who didn’t want to be named, said. “December was manic and all the signs are there for January, there are so many listings coming on.”

She added that her new listings for January and February were sitting in the $4 million price bracket.

It follows the November sale of a mega-mansion for $14.5m on the Mahurangi peninsula to Kiwi expats, and another of $12m at Omaha Block Access Rd, Leigh, to financiers Hugh and Carmel Fisher. Last year, two properties in St Heliers sold for just over $10m each, while just three others reached $9m.

The top end of the market’s strong finish came after a near-year long slump.