PHOTO: Victoria Beckham

Despite their busy careers and demanding family lives, these celebrities still find time to maintain their enviable physiques by investing in amazing home gyms so they can still do a workout at any time of day. While Victoria Beckham spends two hours training each morning in her own fitness studio, Mark Wahlberg heads down to his impressive gym by 3.40am every day so he can complete his own 90-minute workout before most of us are even awake! See inside some of the most impressive celebrity home gyms below…

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has her own gym at the mansion she owns in London with her husband David. The fashion designer has previously said that she spends an hour on the treadmill each morning before doing other toning exercises, and with its array of cardiovascular equipment, it looks well-equipped for her needs. Little Harper can even join her to practice her ballet!