PHOTO: 123RF Put 3 per cent of your pay into KiwiSaver. Then save more elsewhere.

OPINION: Christmas dinner is served. Come to the table, there’s a big turkey waiting. Hang on, where’s the rest of it? No veggies, no cranberry sauce, no pudding. That would feel odd wouldn’t it?

I get that same feeling when I watch people save for retirement using KiwiSaver. Don’t get me wrong, we should all be in it and I’m proud we are. It’s a fantastic first step.

But pre-KiwiSaver, if someone had shown me an investment portfolio built over 30 or 40 years, consisting of one fund manager, my face would have fallen off.

There’s a greater chance of turkeys landing my roof next week, than a one-manager investment strategy getting off the ground. In my career, I’ve never met anyone who has done this. Until now.


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