PHOTO: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. FILE

The thunderstorms and heavy rain currently making their way down New Zealand are wreaking havoc as they go – even causing a leak at Premier House.

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But the excitement and spectacle of the thunderstorm didn’t last long for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

On Tuesday night, she shared a photo to her Instagram story of fiance Clarke Gayford and daughter Neve looking out the window watching the thunderstorm. But just 15 minutes later, the scene at Premier House had dramatically changed and they had to clean up a leak.

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“Moments later, the serenity ended with a fairly major leak. Not from the open window either, we opened that to scoop the water out,” Ardern posted.

An accompanying photo showed Gayford in the midst of cleaning the wet floor as towels lay strewn about.

Weather: 'Fairly major leak' at Premier House as thunderstorms and heavy rain lash New Zealand
Photo credit: Instagram / Jacinda Ardern



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