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PHOTO: Home and Away actor, Sarah Roberts, in front of her Hollywood sign, in Coogee. Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source: News Corp Australia

Find out why popular Home and Away star Sarah Roberts is relishing life by the beach.

With beloved TV drama Home and Away about to go on summer hiatus, actor Sarah Roberts has set her sights on pursuing her other creative outlets.

“Our family really loves art, dance and music,” she says. “We’re discussing how we can turn our garage into a studio. I’m also a DJ, I’d love to put some decks down so I can work on my music.”

Sarah, her husband, Home And Away actor, James Stewart, and his daughter Scout, 8, moved into their Coogee pad more than a year ago.

“As an actor who has worked in Hollywood and dreams of one day going back there again when the world is safe, I was drawn to the property because of a beautiful stained glass panel that reads ‘Hollywood’ above the entrance to our apartment.”

With two actors at home, Sarah says the duo have their own special nooks that they retreat to, to rehearse.

“Jimmy has taken over the front room to prepare for his scenes at work, we call it his man cave,” she says.

“I usually like to learn my scenes on our balcony. Our balcony has also become our sanctuary. There is something about being able to see the ocean that makes you forget about everything after a hard day at work.”

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Who: Home And Away actor Sarah Roberts

Where: Apartment in Coogee with husband and fellow Home And Away actor James Stewart and stepdaughter Scout, 8



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