Staffordshire bull terrier

PHOTO: Staffordshire bull terrier. FILE

Authorities in the far north of Western Australia are probing a dog attack that has left a well-known Broome real estate agent recovering in a wheelchair with severe leg injuries.

Warning: This article contains an image of injuries that some readers may find distressing.

A blurred image of a mans bloodied leg

Tony Hutchinson was left with large wounds from the dog attack.()

Tony Hutchinson found himself under assault by two dogs he described as resembling pitbulls or American staffies when he visited a property at the owner’s request.

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According to Mr. Hutchinson, the owners were absent, and he had no prior knowledge of three dogs on the premises or any warning signs.

“The dog had very powerful jaws, so as well as ripping flesh, it crushed bones,” Mr. Hutchinson recounted. “I still can’t walk. Still getting around on the wheelchair and crutches, so it’s been a challenge.”

A white car with hard to see scratch marks

The dogs scratched Tony Hutchinson’s car with their claws after he retreated onto its bonnet.(Supplied: Tony Hutchinson)

Mr. Hutchinson feared for his life when he fell to the ground with one dog clamped onto his leg while the other “attacked” and a third dog stood nearby.

A colleague’s diversion allowed him to flee.

“I had to scramble up onto the bonnet of the car bleeding like a stuck pig,” Mr. Hutchinson recounted. “I’d be killed if I hadn’t got up off the ground.”

A brown dog on grass.

Staffordshire bull terriers are known for their strength and muscular bodies (file photo).(Supplied:

Mr. Hutchinson’s clothing was torn, and his car bears scratch marks from the incident. He sustained seven wounds on his legs.

Neighbors revealed that the same two dogs had recently bitten another man on the hand and attacked a dog, raising concerns that a child could be harmed.

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“It was extremely traumatic … the next person’s going to die,” Mr. Hutchinson cautioned.

The Shire of Broome confirmed it was investigating the incident.

dog leg injury

Tony Hutchinson was left with puncture wounds and bites that need stitches.(Supplied: Tony Hutchinson)

Mr. Hutchinson, who has been visiting Broome properties for 38 years, emphasized that he had never encountered such aggressive dogs before this incident.

He implored dog owners to act responsibly.

Tony Hutchinson outside a hotel in Broome

Tony Hutchinson says it was his first bad encounter with dogs in 38 years of visiting homes.(ABC Kimberley: Ben Collins)

“You might feel that the dog is not going to behave in that way because you know it,” Mr. Hutchinson advised. “But towards other people, they can often be more aggressive than you’re aware — so be responsible.”